Monday, December 6, 2010

April, May, June, July, August Showers, Bring December Flowers

On a beautiful early spring day my wife planted fur Marigold plants in the garden alongside the driveway.

The beautiful spring day turned into a hot spring and summer. The garden alongside the driveway contained a new Clematis, four tomato plants and a green pepper plant.

Each morning, and many evenings, I watered the plants, slowly watering until the ground was saturated. Ninety degree day after ninety degree day, I stood on the driveway and watered the plants.

The tomatoes produced four pieces of fruit throughout the summer. Six scrawny peppers went into salads. And still, I watered. First one, then another Marigold turned from greenish brown leaves to sticks. In late August, I watered no more.

The tomato plants were pulled. The dead leaves stripped from the Clematis. In October, the Marigolds started to look good. In November they were blooming. The big freeze hit in early November, and still the Marigolds bloomed.

This photo was taken yesterday, December in 34 degree temperatures. The wind chill today is in the low teens. I am ready to start a career in gardening instruction.

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